United Medical has a comprehensive pediatric dental clinic. We see patients starting 1 year of age and accept many insurances to make your life easier!

1st consultation

At United Medical we see pediatric patients starting 1 year of age. It is recommended to see a pediatric dentist before the 1st birthday of the child. Our doctors will do a clinical examinations to check if there are cavities, diseases, or points of concern. This is a great time to visit the pediatric clinic to get to know the instruments and equipment to avoid fear later.This will allow the child to build a positive relationship and trust with the doctor.

At this first visit, the parents will receive dietary advice and oral hygiene instructions so that the children can avoid having cavities or issues later on. The Pediatric Dentist will also address any issues such as thumb sucking or pacifier use and provide dietary counseling about formula or breastmilk intake.

Routine dental check up for primary children ages 1-5

After the 1st year of age, it is recommended that children visit the pediatric dentist every 4-6 months. During each visit the pediatric dentist will do an assessment of the child’s teeth. This will allow the doctor to see if there are cavities or if the child is at high risk of cavities. The doctor will be able to address the cavities and treat it mildly, instead of having to do routine canal or extraction of the tooth later on when it is too late.

During the assessment, the doctor will see if there are any genetic defects that make the teeth more prone to cavities and will recommend the proper treatment such as putting or doing fluoride treatment.

Routine dental check ups for children ages 5 to 12.

For this age group there is usually mixed dentition. For this group we do an assessment for cavities and provide the treatments necessary. During those visits, the pediatric dentist provides positive reinforcement and education to the children and do fluoride treatment and sealants if necessary. During the assessment we also check for any need of orthodontic intervention.

It is also very important to come for assessment and cleaning every 4-6 months.

Routine dental check ups for adolescent 12 and above

For this age group we do an assessment of the oral cavity. Check for any cavities or possible issues, do the necessary cleaning, diagnosis, and intervention. For this age group we also check for any improper bite orthodontics. We provide dietary counseling for this age group as their food choices and lifestyle behavior is different than what it used to be previously and dis not in the control of the parents as much.

Other services at United Medical Center

• Diagnosis and treatment of all condition associated with general diseases (Congenital Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Genetic Diseases).
• Deal with all kinds of dental injury and trauma for pediatrics
• Comprehensive dental treatment for children with special needs, Autism and learning difficulties under General Anesthesia.
General dentistry.

 Insurances accepted

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