Vision: To be the leading Emirati healthcare provider based on patient experience, best practices and international standards

Mission: We improve the health of patients from Dubai and the surrounding Gulf states by making high quality, cost-effective healthcare available.

Values: Every patient’s wellbeing is our primary concern. We adhere to a core set of values to ensure we consistently deliver the best patient outcomes. In our interactions with one another and our patients we focus on:

Quality: Quality is the heartbeat of our practice. We maintain the highest standards and achieve them by continually measuring and improving our outcomes.

Compassion : United Medical Center is a health partner patients can depend on. Our commitment shines through in the caring, supportive environment we have created.

Integrity : The first step to better health is trust. So we adhere to high moral principles and professional standards including honesty, confidentiality, respect and transparency.

United : It’s not just in our name. It’s a philosophy. We are united behind every patient we serve, which is why we endeavor to create a healthy environment for wellbeing by collaborating and sharing knowledge.

Service : Comfort and convenience is in our DNA. It guides our service delivery and helps us to exceed our patients’ expectations.

Innovation : Vitality starts with cutting-edge medical science. We remain a beacon of excellence by embracing change, encouraging invention and continually seeking more efficient ways to achieve our goals.

Eco-friendliness : A healthy nation needs a healthy environment. We constantly work to reduce our environmental footprint so we can help create a world that contributes to wellbeing.

Awareness : We cultivate a healthier society through education. Not only do we keep up to date with the latest trends in medical science, we wish to sharpen the community’s knowledge on personal health management.