United Medical hosts some of the region’s top surgeons with a very successful track record, great reputations, and specialized services. United Medical Center’s surgeons in Dubai provide surgeries in different areas. Bariatric and weight loss surgeries, breast surgery, esophageal surgeries, colorectal disease treatment and surgery solutions.


Breast mass evaluation and management. At United Medical our doctors do a full assesment for any breast mass. The visit usually includes taking the patient history and physical examination. Followed by providing all needed recommended tests such as ultrasound, fine needle aspiration, mammogram referral to do proper diagnosis of the breast mass. According the diagnosis the proper treatment will be provided.

For example, if it were a non-malignant, we do close monitoring and appropriate counseling. However, if it is a malignant breast mass. We go through one of the most suitable treatment for cancer management in a multi-disciplinary approach. We work closely with a pathologist, oncologist, radiologist to propose the right therapy and to provide the proper stage and diagnosis. Such as early chemotherapy, radio-therapy, hormonal therapy or surgery. Breast surgeries include lumpectomies, partial-mastectomy, simple mastectomy. 


Such as colonic diverticular disease and inflammatory bowel disease. Our doctors will provide a complete assesment and treatment for colorectal diseases and also provide the right guidance on any steps to be taken from medication to surgery.


At United Medical our doctors provide

  • Proper Assesment for obesity and it’s co-morbidities where we will be able to inform the patient which solution is the best for their case. At United Medical we provide all the weight loss procedures from intra-gastric balloons, medications (succenda and vectosa), endoscopic solutions, and surgical options such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass (mini-gastric bypass), classical reux on Y gastric bypass. 
  • Surgical solutions for weight regain post bariatric surgery. We also do revision surgeries such as providing surgical solutions after another surgery. This is not common as our doctors are some of the few doctors work wide who are trained to do so. We also do corrective surgeries meaning we fix complications from previous bariatric surgeries such as stricture, chronic fistulas,  malnutrition, recurrent ulceration, hypoglycemia and dumping syndrome.
  • We provide treatment for gastric tumors. The do  the treatment of GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors), lymphomas of the stomach, cancers of the stomach, adenocarcinoma. At United Medical we do the assessment and surgical removal of the stomach parts. What we do at United Medical that is unique to us is that we do the surgeries laparoscopically which is done in a few centers world wide to get the same outcome with a minimally invasive method vs. the traditional surgery.  Dr Omar was the first doctor in Dubai to do a laproscopic removal of the stomach along with all the lymphatic drainage. This allowed us to keep a cancer free surrounding. The surgery was highly successful.


United Medical has a unique specialty which is the rare esophageal surgery. We provide several services from 

  • Treatment of Complex hiatal hernias and GERD procedures (Anti-reflux procedures)
  • Achalasia and other benign esophageal disorders assessment and treatment
  • Esophageal benign and malignant diseases assessment and treatment


GERD is gatroesophegeal reflux diseases is a very common clinical condition world wide. Reflux is a burning sensation or extremely chronic cough caused by reflux.

Most people respond to dietary measures and simple anti-acids and medications such as proton pump inhibitors however, there are some cases where reflux diseases can be very severe and not responding to medical management. Those cases need to be evaluated for surgical management. At United medical we have full evaluation modalities to effectively evaluate patients with reflux diseases and treat them.

These modalities include PH study which lasts 24 hours where we put a probe in the esophagus to check the acidity. Other modalities include esophageal manometry to check the motility of the esophagus and if there are any dis-motility issues. This is also done through a probe for 24 hours.

Other tests like CT chest and abdomen with contrast to understand anatomy to see if there is a hiatal hernia or bariums study which is an X-ray. We also do an upper GI endoscopy to look for anatomy and mucosal lining and if there is ulceration or other etiology if needed.

After determination of the problem, we provide the right treatment, if it is a modality problem we could be giving medications to clear the esophogus or help the motility. However, if it is truly a reflux disease that is not responding to treatment we do surgery. Such as

  1. Hernia removal if it exists. A hiatal hernia is when a segment of the stomach moves into the chest which causes several symptoms of GERD or breathing problems. 
  2. Fundoplication according to the degree of the condition

We also provide assesment and treatment for complications of GERD medication. Some people have been on anti-acid medications for a long time and it was working and no longer works, upon evaluation there is a stricture from bad reflux or bleeding from bad reflux. For those people we also have to do the proper surgery. 

We also provide the following assessment and surgeries.

  1. Achalasia and other benign esophageal disorders or cysts, diverticulum or lypomas. Such as a fixed muscle (dysphagia) that doesn’t ease by heller myotome with progressive weight loss
  2. Assesment and treatment of Esophageal benign and malignant diseases

Esophegeal cancers are increasing due to bad reflux. Usually comes with weight loss and dysphasia to do the proper assesment we always do an upper endoscopy or biopsy. 

Esophegeal cancer is one of the most aggressive types of cancer. Our doctors will help you with the right treatment. It is usually treated in an multi-modality therapy radiation, oncology, forgut surgeons.

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