Losing weight is difficult! Especially with the Dubai lifestyle and schedules. However, we have several options available for you that will absolutely help you reach your health goal.

The first available option is nutrition consultations with our U.S Registered Dietitian Baraa El-Sabbagh.  Baraa will thoroughly assess your diet and health history and find out if you are gaining weight because of the food you are eating, or if you need a referral because you are gaining weight due to other medical concerns such as intolerances, thyroid dysfunction, mineral deficiencies, and more. If the root cause is your food intake, she will be sure to give you a detailed diet plan tailored for your schedule and really explain to you what to eat and how to eat it and why.

Baraa El-Sabbagh the dietitian at United Medical in Dubai, is also a personal trainer and can provide you with an exercise regime to be in the shape that you want. Baraa has helped hundreds of patients reach their health goals and also works closely with Bariatric Surgeons also at United Medical and can support you with reaching your goals before and after bariatric surgery.

The consultation includes a thorough in body analysis, diet assessment, dietary counseling and providing you with a detailed program that suits your needs.

Baraa’s expertise covers the following:

  1. Obesity dietary counseling
  2. Eating disorders
  3. Digestive disorders
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Meal planning

“Baraa has changed my perspective about healthy living and being fit. I absolutely love it and enjoy it now and know what are the reasons I was gaining weight and have eliminated them. Due to my recent understanding of nutrition, I still enjoy heavy meals every once and a while but know how to incorporate it into my diet and not gain weight!” R.J 27 yo female.

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